Isaac Serna Staff Writer

“I deciphered the message, ‘its over fa**ots,’ and we all agreed the message was political in nature.” UTSA alumnus Drew…

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Casey Luna Contributing Writer

Local voodoo desert rock band, the Levees, is back to release their new EP “Another Medicine.” Following their self-titled EP…


Ashlee Morales Staff Writer

For eight years, the UTSA Women’s Club Lacrosse team has sat in limbo. Since its founding in 2008, the team…

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Adriene Goodwin Contributing Writer

You can’t have a taco without a tortilla. The tortilla holds everything together, and is the structural indicator of a…


Tania Siddiqi Staff Writer

On this episode, Tania speaks to Amanda Poplawsky– Curator of AP Art Lab. This art gallery is centered on addressing…


Jesus Nieves

When I first heard the news that J.K Rowling was continuing the Harry Potter films I was very excited. The…