Annie Kunes

Class: Sophmore

Position: Libero

Game Day Meal: Avacado Salad

Game Day Song: Eminem “Despicable” and Katy Perry “Roar”

Favorite TV Show: Friday Night Lights

Why volleyball is her sports of choice: “I feel like it’s the intensity and the adrenaline you get when you play. People think volleyball is a slower sport, but when you get that adrenaline and get going, for me, it’s just everything.”

Kunes made an immediate impact last season as a freshman Roadrunner, collecting the first-ever Libero of the Year award in the Western Athletic Conference. She was also named to the preseason All-Conference team, and Kunes is a major reason why UTSA volleyball was predicted in a Conference USA (C-USA) Preseason Volleyball poll to finish second in the standings.

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