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There’s a smell of sweat in the air, the hairs on my arms are rising and an endless pit of stress is festering. I know this feeling all too well — a test is coming. All jokes aside, if you couldn’t tell by the title, exams are coming up, and I want to share a few tips to help y’all succeed on your exams. 

I believe there are two types of students studying in college: the solo ranger and the squad-me-up-right-now, or “SMURN” for short. There is nothing wrong with either type of student; these six tips will help you out regardless of your affiliation. 

First, you should always review your material after every class; it’s as simple as reviewing your notes for the day. This will save you time in the long run, and you won’t have to cram a book in your face and pray for your pencil to pick the right answer. 

Second, find a nice, quiet spot to study in. If you do this, you will finish studying faster, retain more information, produce superior work, and be a cut above your classmates. 

Third, find the answer to things you don’t know; email people, talk to classmates or professors, Google the answer, go on YouTube, or attend SI sessions. 

This fourth tip is something SMURNs already know — work in a group a few times before the exam. This ties into tip three because if you don’t know the answer, then someone else in the group probably does, and vice versa. 

Now, I know some of y’all are thinking, “What if nobody knows the answer?” Well I got something for you, are you ready? Figure it out! You’re in a group, so it shouldn’t take long to get the right answer. 

Fifth, complete the study guides. If they’re not provided, make your own. A study guide is a great tool because everything you need to know is organized into one place. 

The sixth and final tip is to do the offered extra-credit. I don’t care if you have a 100 in the class, I want to see a 120 in your gradebook. Don’t be like those people who need two extra-credit points during the final week of school but were offered 30 extra-credit points and passed them up. Help yourself out and, like Nike, “Just Do It.”

I hope y’all learned something from reading this, and if you didn’t, share this information anyway because I want everyone to pass. Good luck on your test, and remember a 120 is the goal. 

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