The grass roots movement rallying to offer childcare at UTSA’s downtown campus has caught the attention of university officials and garnered support from many students.

Although no resolutions have been made, this movement is an archetype of student-driven change that is healthy for an emerging, top-tier university.

The efforts of the downtown campus’ students demonstrate the positive type of change that  college students are capable of generating when they organize.

Because UTSA promotes itself as a welcoming and accommodating university to non-traditional students, it should be receptive to students concerns and help meet their needs.

UTSA has two campuses, but only one has a childcare option.

Located on the Main Campus, UTSA’s Childcare Development Center enrolls young children of many UTSA faculty, staff and students.

The on-campus childcare, in addition to being relatively affordable in comparison to other childcare options in the 1604/ I-10 area, is a convenient option for students who take classes on the main campus and require convenient childcare for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Considering only 7 percent of UTSA students attend classes at the downtown campus, it’s understandable that the amenities would vary from one campus to the other.

But to apply the vogue aphorism and show support for their cause, downtown students matter — and their babies matter too.

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