I was saddened by The Paisano’s Feb. 22 editorial condemning the Texas Senate bill requiring expecting mothers to view a sonogram before proceeding with an abortion.

It decried how this bill’s “Republican religion-centered idealism” will be rammed “down the throats of helpless young women,” but what about the surgical instrument rammed into the brain of a helpless young baby? The author began his or her argument with the phrase “taking out religion” which they had to do because the only way to rationalize this “incomprehensible evil” is to remove Christianity’s sanctity of human life.

Forgive me if I sound too blunt, but how dare you assume, just because someone gave into a likely “based on emotion” impulse to get pregnant, that it is reasonable or “wise” for this unborn human being to die. What cold-blooded, self-serving expediency! What narcissism!

What makes you think that baby won’t grow up, in this land of opportunity, a land which millions of penniless poor still risk everything to come to, to become a successful artist, business-owner or scientist? That she or he won’t cure a disease, invent a new process or start a loving family? What gives you the right to deny this child a chance? God in Deuteronomy tells us, I give you a choice – life or death, a blessing or a curse, choose life.

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