I am just an average student at UTSA. You have sat next to me, behind me, in front of me, and never knew my name. I have asked your name, Jessica, Brent, Kelli, Kristin, Allison, Jon, Isaac, etc. I can remember you when I see you in the hallway. There is no recognition in your eyes as we pass. All I wish is for one person at this campus to remember I was here.

I am older than your “normal” college student. I am coming back to finish a degree that I started before I had my child. I came back to show my teenage child that anybody at any age can finish what they started…25 years ago.

I have never been approached by campus activities, table recruiting or student organizations. I even arrived at a few rush events. I was not made to feel welcome and part of the group. Is it possible this is because I don’t fit your demographic? Would I ever? I am invisible walking through the halls of UTSA.

I am passionate about MY alma mater, mascot, and teams. I sing the fight song, go to the games, and posed with several pictures with Rowdy. I chose this institution because my father graduated here. I love my school!

Why can no instructor remember my name? How do I go about asking for a letter of reference for graduate school when I have to remind them which class I was in and which semester that was. They don’t know me. If my graduate program were offered here, I probably would not stay. It has been impossible to fit into the labs and research facilities associated with my major. Again, I am an outsider since I didn’t take the core classes here with the current seniors. I took those classes after I graduated high school 30 years ago.

The only person associated with the university that I have talked with is my advisor, once a semester and only about how to finish my degree. I will graduate at the end of this semester and nobody will know. I will just stop coming to the university.

If you are older than 35 and trying to finish a degree that you started many years ago, I don’t recommend UTSA. You will be invisible.


The unremarkable student

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