Soon to be grads may not be prepared for life after college professionally. According to a survey conducted by Gradstaff, a national career matchmaking firm, there are two recurring problems graduates have entering their new stage. Seventy-five percent of students said other than a lack of work experience, one of their top two challenges during the job search was not knowing what positions are a good fit. Forty-five percent of students said one of the top two obstacles during the job search is understanding what to do with their major.

Graduates ought to use their UTSA network to guide them toward the next stage in their life. A wide range of to be successes are among us, understanding how these graduates got from A to B can clear up questions a graduate may have before they thought of them.

To use the UTSA network graduates must find like-minded classmates from UTSA. For example, at the Paisano, we maintain contact with our alumni through our online newsletter and through our efforts to bring them back to our base for celebrations and educational seminars. Gatherings provide opportunities for alumni and students to trade stories about what career paths are available for Paisano alumni.

For other graduates, discovering a worthwhile career path may not be as difficult as the Gradstaff survey reports. Before it is too late, students ought to ask where their classmates are headed – it may open doors.

Leaving UTSA is not saying goodbye. It is recognizing that you may be a part of a similar community in the future.

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