The Think Green Fund, a $5 increase in fees, to support green initatives at UTSA, passed earlier this month.

When the fund was up for proposal by only 980 of the over 29,000 UTSA students voted.

The proposal was supported by Young Democrats, Green Society, ReEnergize San Antonio and Students for John Sharp.

The proposal was strongly opposed by UTSA Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty at UTSA.

During the proposal process, three students appealed the vote, citing examples of Student Government Association (SGA) improperly lobbying students to vote for the fund. Members of SGA reviewed and dismissed the appeals.

A student lead Bi-law committee will determine the distribution of funds. Students interested on being on the committee should contact Pardeis Heidari at pardeis.

The Paisano was unable to contact the three students who appealed the fund.

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