Graphic by Paola Esquivel

Texas voters were asked to vote on 10 propositions to amend the Texas Constitution on Nov. 5. 19,563,915 total votes were tallied across all 10 propositions. Nine of the proposed amendments were approved with at least 52% of votes. Texas Proposition 1, Allowed to Serve as Multiple Municipal Judges Amendment, was the only proposition to be rejected with 1,289,626 votes (65.44%) against and 681,139 votes (34.56%) for the proposed amendment.

The remaining propositions were approved as follows: Texas Proposition 2, Water Development Board Bonds Amendment, was approved by 66% of voters; Texas Proposition 3, Temporary Property Tax Exemption for Disaster Areas Amendment, was approved by 85%; Texas Proposition 4, Prohibit State Income Tax on Individuals Amendment, was approved by 74%; Texas Proposition 5, Sales Tax on Sporting Goods Dedicated to Parks, Wildlife and Historical Agencies Amendment, was approved by 88%; Texas Proposition 6, Cancer Prevention and Research Institute Bonds Amendment, was approved by 64%; Texas Proposition 7, Increase Distributions to School Fund Amendment, was approved by 74%; Texas Proposition 8, Flood Infrastructure Fund Amendment, was approved by 78%; Texas Proposition 9, Precious Metals in Depositories Exempt from Property Tax Amendment, was approved by 52%; and Texas Proposition 10, Transfer of Care of Law Enforcement Animals Amendment, was approved by 94%.

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