Courtesy of Emilio Tavarez

UTSA’s president, Taylor Eighmy, sent out an email to students on Sept. 5 requesting recommendations to change the name of UTSA’s Main Campus.

Eighmy stated, “It is apparent that the name ‘Main Campus’ no longer fits the vision of UTSA as one university with multiple campuses.” The deadline for students to contribute ideas for consideration was set for Sept. 10.

The name change will be a collaborative decision among President Eighmy, Provost Kimberly Espy, Vice President of Business Affairs Veronica Mendez and the university leadership team.

“Suggestions to consider renaming the Main Campus came, in part, during public meetings on the new master plan. The campus community is encouraged to [view] those plans at,” Jose Izbrand, associate vice president for communications and marketing and chief communications officer, said. “Our focus is to obtain input from the Roadrunner community.”

There is no timeline for when the Main Campus will be renamed, and UTSA’s other campuses are currently not being considered for a name change.

“It is possible, at a later date, that we will evaluate names for the adjoining Park West Campus,” Izbrand added.

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