Students can use the new space in several ways. They can study, socialize, eat, charge electronics and nap. Ethan Pham, The Paisano

This semester, the John Peace Library unveiled a newly renovated outdoor atrium located on the fourth floor. Formerly a no-frills, coverless quadrant in the center of the floor, the atrium now provides an additional fresh space for students to work and socialize.

The atrium’s layout is divided into two sections. One section hosts 13 skylights that cast light onto the third floor below. This section is separated from the out- door seating area by a thin steel fence and an art piece.

An abstract silver sculpture neatly decorates the atrium space and provides a clean transition from the skylight side. Yvonne Addison, a graduate student in the executive MBA program, notes that “It’s a nice, quiet spot; I really enjoy the layout.”

Ethan Pham, The Paisano

Ethan Pham, The Paisano

The orange-and-blue-colored canopy above the south side of the atrium pro- vides enough protection to block out heat from the sun, covering a seating area that accommodates about 40 people. Two stations are equipped to power laptops and other electronics. The area also includes trash containers and recycling bins where students can dispose of waste.

Emmanuel Oyedopa, a staff member with the library’s “Blue Crew” and a senior studying environmental science, said these improvements are well thought out.

“I had come up here before, and I don’t recall it being a really inviting space like it is now,” he added.

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