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November 05, 2013

Rick barroso

Behind the Beat Episode: 4

This episode of “Behind the Beat” features local singer/songwriter Rick Barroso (aka Big Nasty Rick). Rick has an incredible blues sound to his music and can be caught playing just about anywhere around the San Antonio area. Rick has a professionally recorded album titled “Rick B’s Big Nasty Juke-Joint Experience” where you can listen and download on his website. I also discuss milk with a good friend of mine, Ashley Longoria. Check out the Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr page for Behind the Beat (links below) to vote for your favorite type of milk.

Opening song: Bluebonnet Plague – Thinking Like That (Can Get You Killed) (http://bluebonnetplague.bandcamp.com/)

Closing song: Big Nasty Rick- Six (http://bignastyrick.com/)

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