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September 28, 2014

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In this episode of Behind the Beat, I play some pretty rad music, talk about all the joys of fall, and interview local band Good City Modern. With a unique style and sound, Good City Modern has made a name for themselves here in San Antonio. Playing along with other recognizable San Antonio bands and playing venues such as the infamous Korova and White Rabbit, Good City Modern are on their way to making it big. Check out Good City Modern on their Reverb Nation, Facebook, and see them live. (from what I’ve heard, they sound better live)

Opening Song: Good City Modern (San Antonio, TX)- Rockabilly Girlfriend

Middle Song: Rise Against (Chicago, IL)- Everchanging

Closing Song: Good City Modern (San Antonio, TX)- Yo Soy Un Guero!

Check out Good City Modern On Facebook and Reverbnation.


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