One Dollar Taco truck

One Dollar Taco

You’d be surprised at all of the great food options you have less than five minutes away from campus. From gyros to wings, burgers to barbeque, and of course, mouthwatering street tacos. You can find just about anything you’re craving without having to travel too far at almost any hour of the the day.

Here’s a rundown of what’s available near UTSA.

One Dollar Taco truck

One Dollar Taco Garry Leday/The Paisano

  1. One Dollar Tacos

One Dollar Tacos is the newest food truck to appear near campus, and it’s definitely the cheapest. Here at One Dollar Tacos you’ll most certainly get the most bang for your buck. Aside from serving one dollar asada and chicken fajita mini tacos, One Dollar Tacos also serves quesadillas, giant burritos and refreshing mangonadas and smoothies. One Dollar Tacos is open for most of the day and open as late as 3 a.m. on the weekends.

Chicken fajita mini tacos Garry Leday/The Paisano

My Favorites: Chicken Fajita Taco, $1.00 and Asada Quesadilla, $4.00.

Danny's Food Truck

Danny’s Food Truck Garry Leday/The Paisano

  1. Danny’s Food Truck

Another newcomer to the area, Danny’s Food Trucks offers something a little different than the usual taco trucks we’re used to. While they do serve tacos on occasion, Danny’s also offers  delicious burgers, buffalo wings, hot dogs, and much more. Danny’s may have one of the most interesting food selections I’ve seen with their fried bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno. Danny’s Food Truck prides itself on using fresh, flavorful ingredients. Taste the difference when you stop by.

Fried bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno Garry Leday/The Paisano

My Favorites: Buffalo Wings (5 wings), $6.00 and French Fries, $3.00.

Renegade Foodie food truck

Renegade Foodie
Photo courtesy of Garry Leday/The Paisano

  1. Renegade Foodie

Located at Hills and Dales Ice House, Renegade Foodie’s extensive menu will have you forget that you’re eating at a food truck. Ranging from the essential burger and street tacos, to stuffed avocados and fish sandwiches, you are guaranteed to find something you love when you visit. I always saw a line outside of Renegade Foodie when passing by, but now that I have tasted their food, I understand the hype. Renegade Foodie also has plenty of vegetarian options as well!

Asada Stuffed Avocado Garry Leday/The Paisano

My Favorites: Fried Pickles, $5.50 and Asada Stuffed Avocado, $9.00.


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