Do: Try adding flowers to your hair for a fun spring look

Don’t: Wear a flower crown. Leave those in the past/never should have been


Do: Wear cut off shorts/High waisted shorts

Don’t: Have your derrière hanging out the bottom. Those jean panty-looking shorts were a mistake from day one.


Do: Try mixing prints. It’s fun and can help you make new outfits!

Don’t: Mix your animal prints. The animals can live together in the jungle, but they shouldn’t on your body.


Do: Add neon colors to your wardrobe. Statement pieces such as purses and jewelry can be a fun way to warm up to the bold colors.

Don’t: Too much neon can make you go from cute to unintentional 80’s real fast.


Do: Wear white (with your black, of course!)

Don’t: White doesn’t attract heat the way black does, but that doesn’t mean you have to take black out of your spring wardrobe. Mixing white and black will look good & still give you the opportunity to channel your inner Daria.

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