This Saturday, the dead will walk again. San Antonio Event Center welcomes all flesh-eating enthusiasts to the first annual Zombie 2012: The Apocalypse.

The convention, which was created by zombie-lover Martin Cuellar, is set to take place on Saturday, Oct. 20, at the San Antonio Event Center (8111 Meadow Leaf). Fans of everything zombie-related can expect big thrills from fellow zombie enthusiasts.

Zombie Con will feature artists, exhibitions, food and live music, and that is only the beginning of the list. Hardcore fans can win a prize of $1000 for dressing up as their favorite fiend from any horror movie or video game.

“We’re looking for people that have the most creative costume,” says Cuellar. “We really want people to get into the character of their costume.”

Cuellar admits that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is unlikely, but he feels that it is fun to celebrate anyway. Cuellar, along with his family, coordinated the event six months before its debut. His daughter, Jessica Cuellar, is in charge of their social media activity and their official event website. The Cuellar Family has organized different conventions in the past, such as an anime-themed event, but this is the first time they have attempted to do a zombie convention.

Cuellar was inspired by some of the other conventions happening around the country and felt that San Antonio needed to show their zombie pride as well. “I’ve been a life-long zombie fan,” Cuellar says. “I thought it was time to do something different for San Antonio.” In his plans for next year, he would like to expand the convention to a two or three day event.

“It’s all about using the zombie apocalyptic theme to bring out the creative side of people,” Cuellar says.

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