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The Theta Gamma chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota held The Healing Power of Music symposium on Sept. 21. The symposium highlighted the effects music has in the medical field with guest speakers Dr. Tracy Cowden, chair for the UTSA Department of Music; Dr. Carole White, chair for the UTHSC Geriatric Nursing and Aging Studies; Costanza Roeder, founder and CEO of Hearts Need Art, and Monty Draney, activities director at Morningside Ministries.

The symposium consisted of a keynote by White, followed by seminars by Roeder and Draney and concluded with a brief performance by Theta Gamma and a Q&A with the guest speakers.

The guest speakers covered many different research projects, all related to the effect music has on the lives of patients with dementia. Studies focused on the role music has in the lives of college students living with depression and anxiety were presented. The different methods of implementing music into the patients’ lives were through personalized playlists, music therapy and participation in group choirs.

The speakers showcased conclusive research, explaining that the more music is implemented in a patient’s life, the happier and more cooperative they will be. Almost every research project they presented resulted in more positive actions from the patients and showed how it was a direct result of implementing music into the patients’ daily routines.

Everyone involved at the Healing Power of Music symposium was clearly passionate, excited and dedicated about the results of past, present and future research on the effects of music in the medical world.

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