NeverShoutNever started out as a one man band consisting of the one man himself, Christofer Drew. He began making his way into the music scene by creating a Myspace music page and posting his acoustic songs for people to hear.

On Oct. 7, NeverShoutNever played at San Antonio’s white Rabbit. The Paisano had the oppotunity to sit with band members, Chris, Taylor MacFee(bass player), and Hayden Kaiser(guitar, percussion) before the show to discuss their history as a band, music development process and their new album, “Time Travel.”


Paisano (P): Being in a band, the band and the music sometimes overpowers the individual, so is there anything you want people to know about you individually?

Chris(C): Taylor lives it. Look at that mustache, he lives it! He can slam dunk. He won all of the slam dunk contests in high school.

Taylor(T): You know that’s starting to pop up in every interview Chris, I wonder why that is.


P: Can you explain the album title “Time Travel.”

C: I had written that song, “Time Travel” and it just seemed like it added a cool effect to the album you know, it made it kind of mysterious because time travel is like one of those things that people might think it’s possible or they might not think it’s possible.


P: Is that your favorite song in the album?

C: Probably not. It’s a great song, but I really like “Complex Heart” a lot.

T: To listen to, probably “Silver Ecstasy” or “Lost At Sea”

Hayden: I’ve been growing on “Robot” a little bit more. 


P: How would you describe your new album to those who haven’t heard it yet?

C: It’s modern sounding rock with a lot of synth work and a lot of big vocals. Right now I’m just ready for the next one. We’re already working on some songs for it. It’s going to be at least five times better than Time Travel.


P: The band has transitioned, with the newest album. What was your main goal in making this transition?

C: I think just for self-satisfaction. I mean it’s something we’ve wanted to do. I don’t think we did it for anyone except ourselves, because rock and roll is just a lot more fun to play.


P: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

C: Practice every day and just keep writing songs because the most powerful position you can have in the music industry is a songwriter.