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UTSA hosted its inaugural Educational Experience Film Festival, better known as E2F2, on Oct. 15 at the Downtown Campus. With over 120 submissions from students, the first film festival hopes to expand its horizons in the years to come.

There were five categories in which students were invited to submit their works and one submission from each category won. The winners are as follows:

Best Documentary/Interview: “Veganism” by Alexia Hall, Enrique Velazquez III and Jorge Torres-Colon

Best Instructional Innovation: “Urbino Streetscape Project” by Lisa Valdivia and Melissa Hernandez

Best Research/Communication: “Hand Painted Signs: Notes From The Field” by Christina Frasier

Best Student Project: “The Blog and the Hijab” by Ranya Sakatan

Best Vine Video: Franky Trynoski

To view submissions from all the nominees and winners, visit the E2F2 Facebook page at facebook.com/educationalexperiencefilmfestival, and start thinking about what you might want to submit for next year’s film festival.

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