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January 26, 2015


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Creative Writing Submissions

How Do You Relax?

​I do enjoy a bit of fun here and there. I find it quite relaxing in the face of all my work and stress. Surprising to some, my fun has mostly come through enjoying a light nap in a sunny field.


Wifi: America’s new wingman

Wifi: America’s new wingman
​Is your name Wifi? Because we have a connection.


Concert recap: ZZ Top plays the Majestic

​A month after their cancelled San Antonio tour stop in December, blues-rocking greats, ZZ Top gave a spectacular, long-awaited performance at the Majestic Theatre Sunday night.

Arts & Life

Every beard deserves love

Every beard deserves love
​“I call it ‘the Wiggler’ because it moves when I talk,” laughed Rob Witthauer as he shifted his upper jaw back and forth, bringing his curlicued mustache to life before a crowd of amused spectators and judges.

Arts & Life

Column Corner: Music

​Paul Revere may have warned us that the British were coming, but he didn’t say anything about the Irish.